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Who we are, what we do, where we work
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The Institute for advanced studies in science and society

Identity, ambition, engagement

Our identity

Statut : Public institution under the authority of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Mission : « L’Institut des hautes études pour la science et la technologie provides training, disseminates scientfic and technical culture and leads the public debate on scientific and technological progress and its impact on society »

Governance :
Chairman of the Board : Jean-François PINTON
Director : Sylvane CASADEMONT
Board of Directors
Scientific Council
Training Council

Budget : 75% government grants, 25 own resources

Our Ambition

Becoming the leading training institute for decision- makers who want to back their professional choices and decision with sciences and scientific approach

Our engagement :

Enabling scholars to gain insight into the complexity of the challenges, anticipate impacts, improve decision making

Training course for decision makers …

Participants : from both public and private sectors with diverse professionnal background
Speakers : most respected scientists and experts from varied disciplines ans industries

Deeper understanding of today’s challenges throught science

Immerging participants in the research and innovation ecosystem in France, Europe, and countries from other continents-Observing subjects and social concerns throught the prism of science

An international scope

Study tours in France, Europe and all over the world

A network of opportunities

Access to a network of French and international experts and researchers
Access to the network of IHEST ’s Alumni

The participants

13 groups have followed the training course since 2006-2007
Network of 555 alumni trained since 2007
Socio-professionnal sectors :

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