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Water Resources in China and the Effect of Climate Change on them

April 2015

China has large water resources, but these are very unevenly distributed ; because of its large population, however, the water available per capita lies well below the global average. Climate change is set to exacerbate the situation, made already worse by widespread pollution.

This report, written for the IHEST, first provides the reader with some key figures on China’s resources, consumption and access to water.

It then looks at the forecast of the IPCC for China on climate change and how this change will affect its water resources.

China’s water situation has been aggravated by widespread pollution, as well as an inefficient use of its resources, discussed in the third chapter.

The report than takes a look at water governance in China, focusing on the key environmental policies and the importance the control over water has for China.

China will be faced with a widening gap between water demand and supply. The final chapter therefore looks at the different approaches China is taking to tackle this problem.

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Publié le jeudi 16 avril 2015,
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