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The Pharmaceutical Industry and China – Q&A

Ce dossier a été mis à jour en septembre 2015.

This report was written as a support for the national training cycle 20011/2012 at the IHEST.
It aims at giving the reader an overview on the pharmaceutical industry with a special emphasis on China.
The report first gives some basic information on the pharmaceutical industry, which is a rather idiosyncratic sector.
The report then introduces the reader to the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, taking a closer look at the R&D and the legal protection of intellectual property in this field.
The report ends with a look at the incentives given to the pharmaceutical industry in China, by the national as well as local governments.
The report contains a detailed bibliography for the reader who wishes to do some further reading on a particular aspect.
The biopharmaceutical industry is part of the biotechnology sector. Biotechnologies are treated in detail in another IHEST report : “Biotechnology in China – Q&A”, available on

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The Pharmaceutical Industry and China – Q&A

Publié le jeudi 8 octobre 2015

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