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Internet in China

Internet is a worldwide network, connecting computers with each other, similar to a motorway connecting cities. Each computer has its own Internet protocol or IP address, which allows it to be identifiable and recognizable to the others. Everybody is free to conceive a service and offer it to the whole word through Internet.
Internet supports a great variety of services based on various technologies (like e-mailing, chats, forums,
videoconferencing, television, telephone as well as the Web). It is conceived in such a way, as to allow several communities with different interests (like research, education, commerce or hobbies) to co-exist on the same network.
The Web (short for World Wide Web) is an information technology, a service that allows the broadcast of e.g. texts, images and sounds (the webpage) via the Internet. All documents accessible through the web have their own address or URL (Uniform resource locator). The author of a webpage can easily create links (hypertext links) towards other webpages stocked on any other computer connected to Internet, anywhere in the world. In order to simplify matters, one generally talks of “the Internet” when referring to both, the network and its contents. This report is no exception.

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Internet in China

Publié le mercredi 15 janvier 2014,
mis à jour le vendredi 4 avril 2014

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