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Biotechnology in China - Q&A

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This report was written as a support for the national training cycle 20011/2012 at the IHEST and aims at giving the reader an overview on the biotechnology industry in China.
The debates between Science and Society are mainly carried out on two sectors of this industry, namely biopharmacy and genetically modified (or GM) plants.
This report therefore focuses on these two aspects.
It first provides the reader with the basic notions on biotechnology, including the techniques applied in stem cell research (employed in the biopharmacy sector).
It then takes a look at the biopharmacy sector in China and the role China plays in the fields of gene therapy and regenerative medicine.
The report concludes with a description on GM plants and the global position China occupies in this sector.
The report contains a detailed bibliography for the reader who wishes to do some further reading on a particular aspect.
For an in-depth discussion on stem cells, the reader is referred to “Stem Cells and Cloning – Is Man a Special Case ?” also available on
The biopharmaceutical sector is a branch of the pharmaceutical industry, treated in another IHEST report : “The Biopharmaceutical Industry and China – Q&A”, available on

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Biotechnology in China - Q&A

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